I began writing because I wanted to answer the following questions for myself:

  • Is it possible to celebrate material objects without being materialistic?
  • Is it possible to write about consumerism and not shill for corporations?
  • Is it possible to be Into Fashion and not buy? What would it look like to have an fashion landscape, on Instagram and tumblr and a vast ecosystem of online spaces, that was not just about consumption? And what would it look like?
  • Is there space to write about old things and beloved things? Not the old things that get written up in a Vogue profile—this Burberry trench coat I got from my mother (I'm rich btw)—but old as in the shirt you've worn, year after year, since you first bought it in college. On sale. And it's not a cool brand, but it's something worth loving.
  • When something is beautiful, why? When something is ugly, is it an interesting ugly? A jolie laide ugly? Is there anything that's really, seriously, irredeemably ugly if even Keen Uneeks can be cool?
  • Are the most beautiful things always expensive things? Does everything always need to be an "investment" piece?
  • Does seeking beauty in the world demand a punishing adherence to beauty from your own face? body? self?
  • Can I write about the visual but elevate words above images?
  • Does the internet want a fashion blog that doesn’t have many…pictures? of clothes?
  • What is it like to be living with, touching, feeling, and using beautiful objects? What is the lived experience of wearing the clothes you love? How can I write about how things feel instead of how they look?

Tell me how you feel about: what I wrote; what you're wearing; the objects in your life; the world around you. You can find me on Instagram, or email me at